Summer highlights – 2009

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More highlights of this past summer…

After breakfast one beautiful sunny Sunday morning, Malcolm and I decided to take advantage of the great weather, shine up our motorcycles, and go for a ride.  Can you believe it was August before we finally got around to taking our first ride?  Of course, since June and July were both so miserable and wet, the official arrival of summer in Eastern Canada was pushed back until August, leaving a very short time span to fit in all the summer fun.  Anyway, that Sunday, we rode through the Kingston Peninsula, Hampton, Norton and Sussex, and arrived, 100km later, at Roland and Tracy’s trailer just above Sussex.  Malcolm’s mother and her new boyfriend were also there, so we enjoyed a visit with everyone for an hour or so before deciding it was time to hit the road again and head back to the beach for a barbecue.

Sadly, while Malcolm had his kayak out on the river twice this summer, I didn’t have mine out even once.  However, I did have the opportunity to enjoy the water on two occasions, albeit in two very different extremes…

My sister Cathy and I had been talking for a few years about going whitewater rafting, and since we both found ourselves in a situation where we had the time and resources, this turned out to be the year to do it.  So we chose a date, made the reservations, and tried to quiet our nerves.  Okay, I tried to quiet my nerves!  When the time came, I picked her up at her home in Fredericton, and six hours later, we arrived at Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting, located at The Forks in the heart of Maine.  The next morning, we met with the rest of the group for our safety instruction.  After being told about all the things that could happen to us on the water, and learning what to do in various situations, I was even morenervous.  Our guide noticed that we were the only two wearing only a swimsuit and shorts, expressed concern that we might get cold, and recommended renting a wetsuit.  While Cathy opted to take her chances dressed as she was, knowing how easily I get cold, I decided to rent a jacket.  Then after being fitted with our PFDs, we were loaded into the bus, and after a short 20-minute ride, arrived at the base of the Harris Station Dam, where we entered the Kennebec River. 

Then the fun began!  Rapids everywhere!  And waterfalls!  We hit them head-on, sideways, and backwards.  There was laughter and shouting and lots of screaming.  Okay, I admit, I was the only one screaming.  We were soaked within seconds, but fortunately, the water was very, very warm.  After two hours of non-stop excitement, we paddled to the edge of the rushing, thundering river to climb ashore and take a break.  When we were sufficiently rested, we pushed back into the current, and after a couple more series of smaller rapids, sat back and let the raft drift back to the lodge, where we relaxed in the pool and hot tub before enjoying a delicious barbecue meal.  After eating, we watched the video coverage of our trip and viewed the many pictures that were taken, bought a copy of the DVD, and then, after many heartfelt thank-yous and promises to return, we headed out for the six-hour drive back to Canada.  All in all, a most excellent trip!

A couple weeks later, we got together again for another water adventure – we went tubing on the Nashwaak River, just 15 minutes from Cathy’s home.  This trip couldn’t have been more different from our whitewater rafting trip.  We rented inner tubes, were driven upriver, and then entered the water and floated back to where we began.  It was a three-hour float, and very, very relaxing.  We plan to do it again next summer, but we’ll go earlier in the season so the water will be deeper.

I recently watched a show on HGTV about buying a vacation home Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.  Although we’ve never been to Punta Cana, we have vacationed in Puerto Plata, and saw enough to want to return to the D.R. some day.  So on the show, they were saying you could get a 2 bed /2 bath condo in Punta Cana for 140K+, and a 1 bed/1 bath on the beach for 160K+.  Judging by the properties they showed in the episode, Punta Cana could be a great place to live in the winter and rent out when we’re back home in Canada.  Definitely something worth thinking about.  But I’d have to get a job to finance that.  LOL

Speaking of which, I said right up front that I wanted to take this summer off, and I have.  And I used that time to research what type of work I might like to do for the next 10 years or so, until I really retire, and whether I’m qualified now or need further training.  I’ve decided that I’m finished working in IT; I’ve done the projects, deadlines, overtime and on-call.  Now, I’d like to take advantage of the office skills I’ve accumulated over the years, and land a job as a receptionist / office administrator / administrative assistant.  I’ve written my resume and have begun applying for these types of jobs as they surface.  I haven’t heard back from any of them yet, but it’s still early days.  Also, I’m very fortunate that I have the luxury of being able to apply for only the jobs I’m interested in, instead of applying for many and accepting the first offer I get.  Even so, I’m crossing my fingers that my dream job is just around the corner.

And on that note, it’s time for my daily perusal of the online job sites.


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