About Thelma

I was a 30 year employee of a Telecommunications company, where for the final three years, I updated the content on the company’s website … what I often referred to as my “dream job”.

Due to the economic climate, the company felt the need to downsize, and on February 3, 2009, I was given an early retirement package. This blog is an attempt to get a grasp of the confusion and brokenness that is circulating within me as I manoeuvre this new terrain.

And if someone happens along and finds some enjoyment in what I have to say, well, that’s just the icing on the cake!


1 Comment

  1. Carro Richard said,

    Hey Sister,
    Love your Blog. I’m so glad that you have now found the inner strength that I knew you had all along. You have gone through other difficult times in your life that you bounced back from and I was always confident you would this time too:) I am so happy that you have found contentment and I also know that when you decide what you want to do you will go after it and achieve it. Kudos to you girl!!!!!
    Love Carro

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