The sound of silence

May 29, 2009 at 3:18 am (Stuff that's on my mind) ()

To relax, Malcolm likes to watch TV and I like to listen to Gospel CDs, which isn’t an issue until we happen to do them at the same time.  The problem is our house is small enough that even at opposite ends, we can still hear each other’s choice of entertainment.

To resolve this, Malcolm bought me a set of wireless headphones.  What a great idea!  I’d be able to enjoy my music without overhearing the TV, and he’d be able to watch his shows without my music distracting him.  Problem solved, right?  Um, not quite…

I like to sing along with whatever artist I’m listening to.  Which might be okay, except instead of singing lead, I usually pick up one of the harmonies.  Singing along with the melody would at least sound somewhat decent, but if someone else, say someone watching TV, can’t hear the music, and can’t hear the melody, and can only hear one voice singing harmony … well, you can see how this might be a less-than-pleasant experience.  And then when you consider the volume at which I’m hearing the music, coupled with the desire to hear my own amazingly talented voice (HA!), I end up singing much louder than I intended.

But Malcolm, being the wonderfully patient man he is, never said anything about it (although I did notice the TV would get louder and louder on a few occasions), until one afternoon I was wearing my headphones and “quietly” humming along while dusting in the living room where he was trying to watch something on TV…

Malcolm:  “Remind me again why I bought you those headphones?”

Me:  “It was so you could watch TV and I could listen to my music without disturbing you” … << pause >> “Ooooohhhhh….”  << suddenly doubling over with laughter >>


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